About WCP-series

WCP-Series is a modding group specialised in the creation of cars and tracks for video games. WCP-Series have been around the rFactor modding community since 2009. With the new Automobilista title, developed by Reiza Studios, WCP-Series sees this as a big opportunity to offer high quality and exclusive content (cars and tracks) for simracers and professional users.


This is literally amazing, like, seriously. Thank you for your time and dedication to making this.


Can't wait for the skin pack to follow 😍 this will probably make me get back into pc racing

M. Stewart

Amazing. This is a really complete mod, and it only has 4 cars !!! Can't wait to try it. 😊

L. Stinziano

OMG YES ! 😎 It looks pretty good so far ! Thanks for your work !

M. Suwatra


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