[F-Ultimate] 2017 Season

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Designed to be the peak of racing performance, the F-Ultimate features DRS, onboard adjustable roll bars and brake bias. The 5 tire compounds are restricted to 3 choices in GP layouts. The technical regulations governing bodywork design were revised for F-Ultimate, with the objective of improving lap times by four to five seconds over the F-Extreme generation of cars. The F-Ultimate is an hybrid car powered by a 1.6L V6 Turbo engine which develops 960 horsepower. The F-Ultimate car is the perfect car to emulate the Formula One 2017 season.

  • 3D Model : Reiza Studios (F-Ultimate)
  • 2D Textures : Pebz
  • Helmets textures : JAHelmet
  • Gloves, Suits : HeKa
  • Talent pack : Alain Fry
  • Physics and sounds: Reiza Studios (F-Ultimate)
  • Video, screenshoots and beta testing : Nello Pastorino

1.0 version :
> All cars of the 2017 championship are included

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