Beijing Street Circuit

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Beijing Street Circuit is the first paid-track release for Automobilista rFactor. It brought you one of the newest and also most exciting street circuits in the modern era. Tight chicanes and walls everywhere, that is a lot of fun guaranteed !

By purchasing this track, you allow WCP to grow. That means the modding group will be able to give you updates for this track (share your feedbacks) and new street circuits.

Beijing Street Circuit is a street circuit located in China. It runs around the grounds of the "Bird's Nest" Olympic stadium used in the 2008 Olympic Games. The track has 3,453 km lenght. It features 17 turns.

The track is really challenging with some tight chicanes and a tight pit exit... Overtaking oppportunies are likely to be turns 1,2,6,16 and 17. The circuit requires lots of traction and braking stability.


  • Accurate 3d Modeled Curbs and track surface
  • Dynamic road grip (AMS standards) 
  • Offline marbles (AMS standards)
  • Fictionnal WCP Advertising
  • AMS skies
  • AMS shaders
  • High Quality for buildings arround the track


Special thanks to Marek Adamus who did the whole track alone.

* Everything (Brand New Track)

NOTE: We are keen on developing the track after your feedback. Once you pay for the track, you guarantee yourself to have a free access to all others updates !


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