Formula 1 2006 Season

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F1-season 2006 meets Automobilista. Good things need time. Put on your racing gloves, lucky sneakers and get out there racing. But it's not only about the driving skills you will need to succeed. Now, you will also need strategic and technical skills to win the race. 

  • 3D Moddels, and all the stuff is credited to the great CTDP Team
  • AMS conversion : Alain Fry
  • New V8 sounds : Bastian Paisler
  • New tyres : Reiza Studios
  • Michelin textures : Francisco Vazquez
  • Helmets textures : GP4 / Alain Fry
  • Gloves, Suits : Francisco Vazquez
  • Pitbox textures : 王嘉程 / Alain Fry
  • Talent pack : Alain Fry
  • Physics : Reiza Studios / Alain Fry

1.0 version :

  • All teams included (featuring Spyker-MidLand)
  • All drivers included featuring Montoya, Montagny, Villeneuve, Klien...
  • Physics for both offline (historic) races and online (league) races : choosable in upgrades

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