[F-V8] 2008 Season

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The Formula V8 (F-V8) series will give you the opportunity to race Formula One Cars built between 2006 and 2008. In an attempt to curb the increasing engine power levels of the F-V10 series, the maximum engine displacement has been reduced from 3.0 to 2.4 litres and the number of cylinders from 10 to 8. At similar engine speeds, the change was expected to cut peak power by around 200 bhp, which would equate to around three to five seconds on lap times at most circuits. Initial testing indicated the new engines were six seconds slower than their V10 counterparts...

However it became obvious that despite the decrease in power, lap times were not far from the F-V10 series !The Formula V8 Series will race with Toyota TF-108 chassis built in 2008. Toyota TF108 was a Formula One car with which Toyota competed in the 2008 Formula One season. The 2008 Toyota challenger the Toyota TF108 was launched on 10 January 2008, at the team's factory in Cologne, Germany. 

  • Model and textures: Raulongo & Fongu
  • Physics and sounds: Reiza Studios
  • Conversion, Ingaming : Alain Fry
  • Car skins : HeKa (Honda), Marco17_ok (Super Aguri)
  • Tyre, driver and helmet (3d) : Reiza Studios
  • Helmets (2d) : JA Helmet, Francisco Vazquez
  • Gloves (2d) : HeKa
  • Video & screenshoots: Nello Pastorino
  • Beta testing : Dann Murillo, Graham Edge, Nello Pastorino, Alex Couri, Rocco Vergari
  • 2.2 VERSION

    • Better LODs for Body & Tyres (more fps)
    • Converted .tga files to dds (more fps)
    • Small physics adjustement (more weight distribution & more casters in the setup menu)
    • Tweaked swingman cam and cockpit cam

    2.0 VERSION

    • Added working discglow
    • Updated cockpit cam view
    • All F1 2008 car skins (gloves, helmets, rims)
    • Added F1 2006-2008 parc ferme rules (Q3 with fuel for the 1st stint)
    • Talents for fv8 championship
    • Arms option (ON/OFF)
    • New 3d cockpit

    1.1 VERSION

    • Improved .gmt settings for carbody
    • New carbon textures (high resolution)
    • Added Kamui Kobayashi as test driver
    • Improved light glow settings
    • Added lods for body (lod a, b, c) for more FPS in multiplayer
    • New logo for the series

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