[FV10] Arrows A23

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The Arrows A23 is a Formula One racing car, used by the Arrows team during the 2002 Formula One season. Designed by Mike Coughlan, the A23 featured a Cosworth V10 engine, rather than the Asiatech unit used in the previous year's Arrows A22. The car bore the livery of the team's major sponsor, Orange.

The car was completely designed around Jos Verstappen, who had a contract to race for the 2002 season. However, due to financial problems the team replaced him with Heinz-Harald Frentzen because he could bring more sponsorship money.

  • 3d modeler : Soulbringer
  • 2d artist : Kedy89 
  • 2d helmets : JA Helmet 
  • High resolution 3d model
  • Optimized LODs
  • High resolution skin (4096x4096)
  • High resolution helmet textures
  • Dynamic tires
  • V10 sounds by Reiza
  • Physics by Reiza

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