[F-V10] McLaren MP4-20

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The McLaren MP4-20 is a Formula One racing car that was built by McLaren. It was designed by Adrian Newey and Mike Coughlan, and introduced at the beginning of the 2005 Formula One season. The car's chassis was an almost completely new design after the failure of the MP4-18 and MP4-19.

The new car featured the revised aerodynamics and suspension set up that the 2005 regulations required, including a raised front wing, smaller diffuser and rear wing moved further forward. A shorter wheelbase was used to maximise the Michelin tyres' performance. The car featured distinctive 'horn' wings fitted to the bodywork behind the overhead air intake in an attempt to claw back as much downforce as possible lost through the FIA's rule changes. The wide, flat nose design was initially trialled on the MP4-19 at the 2004 Italian Grand Prix, but not retained for the rest of that season.It was fully utilised for 2005.

This would be McLaren's last car to feature the grey and black livery of primary sponsor West cigarettes, a partnership which began with the MP4/12 in 1997.

  • Model and textures: HeKa
  • Physics, sounds, cockpit, , driver, tyres, helmet : Reiza Studios
  • Conversion, Ingaming : Alain Fry
  • Helmets (2d) and renders : JA Helmet
  • Video, screenshoots and beta testing : Nello Pastorino


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