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Located 39 km north east of Marseille, the Paul Ricard track is legendary : it has become today, a very futuristic circuit that offers a host of technologies to make the runway as safe as possible ... Entirely dedicated to testing, the Paul Ricard track is equipped with High Tech Test Track technology. The old layout was remodeled after Elio De Angelis' death in 1986, and one part of the track was no longer used. On the existing layout, all imperfections have been erased to make room for a new drawing, more fluid and more technical.

  • Base track : Starck3D Paul Ricard (Assetto Corsa)
  • 3D & 2D Updates : Marek Adamus, Alain Fry
  • AMS Conversion : Marek Adamus
  • Beta testing : Dann Murillo


Version 1.3 :
> DRS version added
> Improved LODin / LODout for all trees
> Fixed tire compounds restriction for Reiza mods

Version 1.22 :
> Added fences, small buildings
> Improved 2D textures (grass, kerbs)
> Improved cameras
> Improved .tdf file to fit with latest Reiza standards

AMS features :
> DRS Zones : Included in v1.3
> Track dynamic surface : Included (physics and graphics)
> Anti-cut system included
> New AMS shaders

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